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Inflation Guy Mobile App Launched!

August 3, 2021 2 comments

I am happy (and a little scared) to launch my mobile App “Inflation Guy” now available in Apple ( ) & Android ( ) stores. Or, just search for the “Inflation Guy” app.

The app will have various inflation-related content – curated, commented, and often created by me. I’ve added a daily chart package. There will be How-Tos. My media appearances will show up there. These blog posts. We are working on other tools and reports (simulated CPI futures?). And I’m going to have a companion podcast that will be linked there as well.

The app allows you to filter content based on your interest. I look forward to your feedback once you’ve downloaded the app!

My thanks to the team at NoCodeApp Center ( for helping me put together and launch this app.

Get what will soon be the Grand Central Station for #inflation! Join the Inflation Guy as together we expose the hidden tax, oppose the insidious assault on our wealth, and defend our money!

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